Heart Centered Events

Connecting people through their hearts

Dating Coach

Many of my clients are looking for healthier places to meet other singles. By getting to understand what they are looking for, and through a variety of resources available to me I am able to provide them with many new opportunities.

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South Bay Singles Soiree

The South Bay Singles Soiree offers a more personal, heart-centered way for singles to connect. Not only is it a social event, but we play some games that are designed to encourage a deeper connection in a safe environment.  Monthly in Sunnyvale a group of singles unite to explore dating and have fun with other like hearted people. We bond and connect over how similar we are in our hopes, desires and past experiences with dating. Not only do you have a chance to meet others, you also have a chance to get to know yourself better. The format may change from month to month, but the depth of connection remains and MAGIC happens!

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Sunnyvale Snuggle Party

Snuggle Party is a fun and connecting event where you can discover affectionate, non-sexual touch in a safe environment.  It’s an exploratorium where you can receive affection, practice asking for what you want, hearing and saying No and honoring your choices.  A Snuggle Party is a strictly non-sexual, gender-balanced event, and no prior experience is requiredWhat is a snuggle party?. Through respect for personal boundaries the event is always very connecting and a wonderful place to make new friends.

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Heart-Centered Speed Dating

This is a fun workshop designed for singles who are looking for deeper connections and heart-centered relationships. During this event we will guide you through the day by taking baby steps toward dating. You will mix and mingle through some fun icebreakers followed by heart-centered speed dating.

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Getting Real Gatherings

The Getting Real Gathering is based on the idea that we experience deep connections when we are supported in sharing who we really are. Having a safe environment to practice authenticity deepens our capacity for honest communication in our daily lives. Being real, and authentic can be risky, as we expose parts of ourselves that we fear will be rejected or judged by others, leaving us feeling unaccepted and unloved. The workshop creates a safe space for us all to practice authenticity, which not only feels great to do, but also results in discovering how alike we all are.

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