Spiritual Dating Coach

Heart-Centered Coaching is a practice of receiving guidance and support around challenges that you are facing in finding love. Many of my clients are looking for healthier places to meet other singles. Some are returning to dating after a divorce or a breakup.

Fear of rejection comes up in most every session. When it does, we look at the root of this fear. My clients try on new behaviors like flirting, asking someone out, and hearing no while not being attached to the outcome. Like a muscle that we exercise, clients feel more confident and comfortable in the dating process over time.

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3:30 pm Bay Area Heart-Centered Speed Da... @ Los Gatos (more details upon registration)
Bay Area Heart-Centered Speed Da... @ Los Gatos (more details upon registration)
Aug 4 @ 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Bay Area Heart-Centered Speed Dating- ages 50 plus @ Los Gatos (more details upon registration)
                Are you sick and tired of dates that go nowhere? Do you want your next partner to be the person who you will spend the rest of[...]

Off the Hamster Wheel of Online Dating!

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"I used to spend so much time on dating apps. that I felt stuck, like a hamster on a hamster wheel and I couldn’t get off! Being a Software Engineer I felt I was lacking some skills in the dating realm. It was so frustrating that I often would not get a 2nd date. After coaching with Theresa, I’m feeling more confident and now have the skills I need to be successful in dating. After learning some NLP that I tried on a 1st date, my date was excited about a 2nd date and told me that she felt really heard and connected. We have been happy and in relationship for the past 3 years.

Alan, Software Engineer



Attracting Men who weren't good for me!

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"Before coaching with Tree I was attracted to men who were not good for me. 
Tree’s guidance, knowledge, and expertise helped me on so many levels. 
Working with Tree helped me heal the 2 parts of myself that were in conflict
around dating. She held my hand with online dating and I felt less scared. 
After our coaching ended I met someone and have been very happy for the past
two years exploring relationship together. “  Cindy

Our Life together fulfills everything.

David and Kathy cropped

"Before working with Tree I was already doing a lot of healing and personal growth work. Once I felt ready, I signed up for several dating sites but I just wasn't meeting the right kind of man. I felt unclear and disillusioned. Then, I signed up for Tree's Finding Love coaching class and did some 1/1 sessions with her as well. One of the best exercises we did was to create a vision or “manifested” board. This process really helped me get clear on what I want, what I have to offer a partner, and what shifts I needed to make to be the person my ideal partner is looking for.

In this process, I attended Tree's speed dating event where I met my partner, David! We are both thrilled and so much in love! I moved across the country to be with him. Our life together fulfills everything I had on my “manifested” board!

Tree is such a great resource for conscious singles looking to attract and meet other conscious singles. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to make the shifts necessary to manifest a deep and nourishing love relationship into your life!"   Kathy H.