Spiritual Dating Coach

Heart-Centered Coaching is a practice of receiving guidance and support around challenges that you are facing in finding love. Many of my clients are looking for healthier places to meet other singles. Some are returning to dating after a divorce or a breakup.

Fear of rejection comes up in most every session. When it does, we look at the root of this fear. My clients try on new behaviors like flirting, asking someone out, and hearing no while not being attached to the outcome. Like a muscle that we exercise, clients feel more confident and comfortable in the dating process over time.

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Off the Hamster Wheel of Online Dating!

"I'm finally got off the hamster wheel of online dating and I am so grateful! I’m feeling much happier with myself and my dating life. I used to spend so much time on dating apps. that I felt stuck, like a hamster on a hamster wheel and I couldn’t get off! After coaching with Theresa I now feel that I have the tools I need to be successful on dates. Being a Software Engineer I felt I was lacking some skills in the dating realm. Before coaching with Theresa I often would not get a 2nd date. I’m feeling more confident now after learning some NLP that I tried on a 1st date and my date was excited about a 2nd date and told me that she felt really heard and connected."

Alan, Software Engineer


Hadn't dated in 20 years!

"Before working with Tree, I was very skeptical and didn’t expect much even from our coaching. I hadn’t dated for over 20 years and it was I found it very hard to get back into dating, I was terrified to go on dating sites and had a limiting belief about men. I enjoyed a lot of new-agey tools that Tree brought to the coaching, each session I learned some tools that could be applied to dating and life in general. The techniques I enjoyed the best were tapping (EFT) that Tree taught me to calm my anxiety on dates. Coaching with Tree enhanced my relationship with others. I really liked the love work tree gave each session so that it supported me in bringing me to the next stage. I was surprised by how well prepared Tree was for each session and how tailored our sessions were to meet my needs.

Now in my dating life, I am much more true to myself, I feel so much calmer as Tree's training gave me confidence. As a result, I am happy in a relationship now for 6 months. Thank you, Tree!" 

Life is AMAZING thanks to Tree's Guidance

"When I first started working with Theresa I was extremely shy and uncomfortable both giving and receiving touch. I wasn’t dating at all. I felt hopeless! As I worked with Theresa I became aware of what was holding me back. She suggested things for me to do that helped me overcome my fears around intimacy. Now, I’m much more comfortable around touch. In fact, I’m going to cuddle parties, OMing, and dating women! I have a much fuller and expanding social circle and feel hopeful and have a growing sense of confidence. Eight months after I met a woman and have been happy in a relationship for the past six months. My life is AMAZING thanks to Tree’s guidance. I would recommend Theresa to anyone struggling with being in a relationship. :-)”

-Joseph, age 35